The main objective of the course you are about to start is to create basic skills of Map Reading in accordance with NATO standards for the military personnel. The underlying reason for this course is the difference between the mapping systems used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and NATO countries. The intended target audience for this course is the Ukrainian military personnel, assigned for participation in peace support missions, work in a multinational headquarters (staffs), training and\or education in the military institutions of NATO countries and the participation in the NATO international exercises. In addition, the course may be recommended as a supplementary material for military personnel studying English (Orientation subject).

The course was created by the Advanced Distributed Learning Centre of the National Defense University of Ukraine. The ADL Centre expresses its gratitude to the Alion Science and Technology subject-matter expert Mr. Bill Campsey as well as to the PIMS In-Country Coordinator Mr. Vladimir Krivenko for their support and involvement. Special gratitude is expressed to Phd. Kateryna Synytsya, the Deputy Head of the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems (IRTC) of the National Academy of Sciences of UAraine and the team who created the Objective Orchestrator software (the main tool for the development of this course) for their continuous support of this project.