Welcome to the NATO English Language Training Enhancement Course 2 (ELTEC2).

If you are interested in improving your writing skills, you are not alone. NATO staff officers who responded to a language needs analysis survey identified writing as their most challenging task.

ELTEC2 is designed to help you develop your writing skills for staff work in a NATO environment by focusing on strategic writing, the kind of writing most staff officers are expected to do on the job. ELTEC2 is not a course in basic writing skills development.

ELTEC2 is a resource for just-in-time or refresher training. The course includes topics that are common problem areas for many staff officers. You can decide for yourself which topics you would like to work on and select them in any order. Finally, you can apply what you have learned in the practical activities.

When you complete this course, you should be able to:

Recognize direct and concise language in written communications

Describe the types of transitions used in writing that add cohesion to communications

Identify tone in written communications

Recognize parallel forms in written communications

Match gender-specific statements to gender-neutral alternative language

Identify common phrases in written communications

Describe the proper use of “the” in written communications

Recognize proper spelling in NATO written communications

Identify proper comma usage in written communications

Describe proper hyphen usage in written communications