The English Language Training Enhancement Course (ELTEC) is a practical course to develop essential communication and language skills for NATO/PfP staff officers.

NATO/PfP staff officers will learn how to use English Language skills to respond to many different situations in NATO and other international meetings that they will encounter.

This course was designed to provide NATO/PfP staff officers with practice in the English skills useful in staff positions. Although military officers may already have these skills in their first language, the styles and formats of writing and giving briefings may vary from culture to culture. It is the purpose of this course to provide the students with models and some practice so that they can transfer their skills from their first language to NATO English. The course is intended for learners with upper intermediate to advanced level of language proficiency.

The purpose of this course is to engage NATO/PfP officers in language learning and to facilitate the language learning process by the use of computer-based technologies. This version of the course (v.1.0) is primarily intended for self-study and may be followed or accompanied by instructor-led activities either in a classroom or on-line. It is expected that the course will be used by officers to prepare for their classroom training sessions, as an instrument for helping to keep language skills current, or as a reference manual containing templates, examples and guidelines for applying their writing and speaking skills.